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He will blame it on your curves,
Of how the way you swayed your hips lured him,
Of how the deepness of your voice drowned him,
Of how the frankness of your laugh excited him.
They will blame your silence,
Why didn’t you screamed when he approached you,
Why didn’t you run away when he touched you,
Why didn’t you hit him, slapped him, poked him, when he made his moves on you.
But how could you explain that
you froze when he touched,
Unable to make a sound lest move,
Because you got shocked and then scared
Because your body turned into cold stone
except for panting and sweating,
you could be mistaken to be a mannequin.
Because when you finally shook your head and got up,
he pulled you closer, nuzzling your hair,
whispering in his honey-sweet voice, ” we both know you want it.”
Because how could you defy this powerful man
who can make or break your career,
who would even believe you.
Because how could you say you’re not ready to a guy

you’d been crushing on for months without making him feel

that you are not friend-zoning him.
Because how could you say no to your lover of five years,
who have been there day in and day out,
taking care of you.
So you just end up blaming yourself.