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Sometimes freedom is a walk around your neighborhood. It is strolling with your sisters in the muddy streets, it is laughing at private jokes, running away from a café after you’ve spent few minutes taking pictures. It is going to a random shop and bargaining for the clothes and realizing none of you actually like them. It is eating pizza with coke (and fanta). Because you’ve been craving for pizza. And freedom. Air filled with street dust and smoke.

Freedom feels like the blood rushing over your veins
when you run away from a cafe just after taking pictures.
At Delima’s Garden Cafe.

Freedom tastes like Mississippi Mud melting in your mouth on a hot summer day.
At Baskin and Robbins, Mandala Street.

Sometimes freedom is dancing in an empty restaurant and in a filled up shop. It is choosing food before gifts because all you’ve been craving is a different taste from the normal dal-bhat-tarkari. It is commenting on a book you’ve found and drooling on the books about your favorite character (ahem, Mr. Darcy). It is talking about your life, how you’ve fallen so fast for a guy you told yourself you would never fall for; talking about your life, how you’ve realized all you need now is experiment and living it as it goes.

Saw this board while laughing with sisters and we laughed more after that.

Freedom is loving the potato on our chicken pizza because
the potato taste different than the one we’ve been eating back at home.
At Alchemy Pizzeria

Sometimes freedom is all about you needing to be happy. It is spreading your wings, even if you’ve stepped outside to the place you call home. It is asking a random stranger to take your pictures because you’ve been tired of taking selfies. It is forgetting to pay for ice-creams because you’ve been way too busy taking selfies. It is laughing for no reason. Teasing each other for no reason. Loving for no reason.

The best fries ever. Ever. Ever.
Texas Fries.
At Shavi’s Fries.

At the end of the day, freedom, it seems is eating, laughing, strolling, talking, dancing, and repeating. With your little girls. It is. Feeling loved. Feeling home. Feeling free.

Featured image, image of pizza and fries by Grisha Pradhan. Rest by me 😀