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I couldn’t wait for 2016 to start because it was to be the year of me tracking my life. Before 2015 ended, I made list of project goals for the year. 2016 was to be the year of my creativity out-flowing. It was for me to focus on myself and my personal projects. One of those projects included tracking my everyday through journals. So the goal was, of course journaling my daily activities and what I felt about it,  then updating the summary, fortnightly, in my rant blog. This is how I was to keep track of my life and my year. Unsurprisingly, I failed.  Much to my disappointment it was not just in the tracking goal but I also failed to do three other projects – about which I might or might not share in the future posts.

I stopped journaling before the end of January. Yes – don’t roll eyes – I know.I ended up only updating the blog once  and that too a day late. I did try picking up journaling in the middle of the year but sadly, failed again. I couldn’t write more than a paragraph or two. Instead, I started a daily log in my planner since March where I would just jot down whatever happened on that day. And since the middle of September, I’ve started to track my habits down after pinteresting a lot about bullet journal. And of course I journaled. I would try writing whenever I found some free time – which basically meant I was in place without access to internet and didn’t have things to entertain myself with.

What I realized is journaling and keeping a log (and other tracking methods) require a discipline which I lack most of the times. That no matter how much tired one is or lazy one feels, one needs to get up and complete the task. That one needs to keep reminder if necessary to fill the journal and write the log. I started habit tracking to keep track of my journal and log habit but it sometimes backfire because in November I forgot to track the habits too. But December is a new story. I have slowly started writing about each month, hoping to complete a feat I couldn’t do in a year. I am journaling almost everyday, even if it’s just pouring random feelings as much as possible. I met best friend for breakfast and he told me exactly what N. told me “Journal when you need to rant” and I am trying to follow just that.

Hopefully in 2017, I’ll have more success regarding my tracking goal . To keep things interesting, I have decided to do a mixed journal – with bit of bullet journaling and a bit of writing and a bit of art (by art, I mean doodle because pfft, to-be-honest I can’t  even really doodle). To keep me further motivated in the upcoming year, I am also giving a theme for each month, like January would be the “Star” month because I love reading about stars and gazing them when I can and since Jan would be like a new start, thus also a new hope which is the name of Star Wars IV, I think it makes sense. And then of course I would have journaling prompts for the time when I can’t seem to write about anything else. Here’s to a year I will hopefully able to track. And here’s to a year where I can at least said I tried even if I failed.

Do share ideas on tracking the year with me if you have any. Till then, happy tracking!