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Journaling is about discipline. You wake up every day and like you exercise, drink water and meditate; you journal. No matter where you are or what you are feeling, you just let it out. Sometimes you fill out pages with rants, other times you make a paragraph about feeling ukusmukus: a feeling that comes to haunt you every now and then like that one guy you met who just wants to meet all the time. Most of the times, it might be just a line that you write – a line that came to you while commuting, shitting, walking into random chowks and galli or while talking to someone.

Journaling is about experiments. Each page is somehow different than the other. Each words etched into the paper creates a different pattern. Each letter is curved differently, each thought processed and articulated in a separate way. Sometimes, instead of a word, an image takes place. The image could be pasted or sketched. Sometimes the background is changed to give it a different look. The look of the page depends on your mood, some are planned out, many are spontaneous.

Journaling is about experience. Whether you’re disciplining yourself to journal everyday or you’re experimenting with the layout and the content, journaling at the end is about experience. It is about understanding. It is about being okay with the mistake and learning from it. It is accepting your chaotic self while you try to balance it with some sort of order. It is finding one form that suits you and finding more similar forms.

Journaling is a journey. A journey of love, hard work and perseverance. A journey of experience and experiments. A journey that needs to be taken, a journey without any destination. Tell me about how this journey is treating you so far. Till then, happy journaling! 🙂